Ferien im Herzen des Schwarzwaldes - der Sesterhof

Alte Säge - old lumbermill

Our new holiday home is called "Alte Säge" (old lumbermill) - it is located in a separate house. Its name stems from a historic lumbermill which was powered by a water wheel. You can still see the old structures and the waterwheel. The new appartment is located on top of the saw.

- living room with kitchen

- bathroom
- two bedrooms
- additional lodging option under the rooftop
- porch - next to the old lumbermill
- 80 qm
- Rent: from 80 Euro/night

The rate is valid for two persons per night.
Each additional person: 10 Euro/night
Kids younger than 12: 8 Euro/night

Short stays:
Stays shorter than 5 days: extra 40Euro.

The rates includes water, electricity and cleaning; Tourist tax is extra.

Tourist tax: 2,05 Euro per person/day (persons over 16 years).

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In the holiday season we lent our apartments only on a weekly basis.

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Building the appartment has been supported by the ministry of rural areas in Raum Baden-Württemberg 2014-2020 (MEPL III) http://mepl.landwirtschaft-bw.de